Alpine River Little Big Man "Zak"

Australian shepherd


- 21.09.2013 - 7th agility competition for National championship. Little too slow after the seesaw, but otherwise very nice agility run in A3 :) We are getting better step by step :)


- 16.09.2013 - Happy 6th birthday to my sweet Žak * the best dog I ever dare to dream about ***


- 25.08.2013 - very nice agility seminar with Olga Kwiecien from Poland. We got a lot of work to do. I think it's gonna be a busy winter :) 

- 24.08.2013 - 4FUN agility competition Žur po pasje in Ptuj. 3rd place overall in open large category :)


- 10. & 11.08.2013 - International Alpe Adria Agility Trophy, Klagenfurt, Austria. Saturday - two agility runs, 2 x 1st place and last exam for the highest agility level A3/J3!  :) Sunday - clean open jumping run and 6th place in A3.



- 18.05.2013 - Qualifications for agility EO and WC. 2nd place in agility run :) also very nice jumping, but at the end I made a silly mistake. Overall 5th place.


- 11.05.2013 - Agility competition in Ložnica - 2nd place in jumping :)


And another nice jumping run from competition in Ptuj 


 - 16. & 17.3.2013 - We spent a nice weekend at CSI 2013 & European cup for Border Collies in Motešice, Slovakia :) Saturday: clean agility run and 5th place, clean open jumping run and 8th place (out of 72 teams). Sunday: one bar down in jumping. Our runs should be more fluent, but we are little out of practice. We both tried our best. Žak, you rock ♥ :)




- 16.02.2013 - Agility competition in Prestranek. Žak had two really nice runs. We made some mistakes, but I'm really happy with our runs. He finished competition on 4th place. This was also the last competition for Slovenian winter agility cup. Overall Žak finished on 4th place! Nice start of the new year :)


- 20.10.2012 - Agility competition at the seaside - the finals. Žak won the competition. He was first in agility run with fastest time (4,69 m/s) and also among fastest dog in jumping (4,95 m/s). We had some mistakes in both runs. Overall he finished Slovenian agility cup on 3rd place in A2! Žak, you rock!  :)


Final placements for Slovenian agility cup

  Photo by M.P. 

- 14.10.2012 - Agility competition in Flavia Solva, Austria. In general we made a few mistakes. He had 2nd fastest time in second run. Overall finished on 7th place and qualified in the open finals :)


- 12.10.2012 - Žak had his yearly eye check. The vet checked him for Entropion, Ectropion, Distichiasis, Corneal dystrophy, Persistent pupillary membranes, Cataract, Primary lens luxation, PHPV/PTVL, Retinal dysplasia, CEA, PRA and Micropapilla - he is FREE of everything :)

- 27.09.2012 - Agility season is more or less over. There will be a few more competitions till the end of the year and we will probably attend them. During this season we made quite a nice progress. Here is a nice video from one of our morning trainings during the summer.


- 16.09.2012 - High five for 5th birthday! Happy birthday, my sweet and awesome Žak *

- 19.08.2012 - After quite a long time again on agility competition. This time in Gnesau, Austria. One bar down in agility run, first place and fastest time. One bar down also in jumping, fourth place and fastest time. Overall finished on 3rd place.


- 16.06.2012 - Agility competition in Ljubljana. Clean agility run and first place! :) Žak made his 2nd exam for A3 :) Overall we finnished competition on 2nd place. Soo proud on my little hero.


Photo by M.P. 

- 19.05.2012 - Agility competition in Slovenska Bistrica. Žak had an awesome, very fast jumping run. We had some bad luck and were disq on the long jump. Agility run was also really nice :)

Jumping video ... some more videos from previous competitions can be found on our youtube channel

This was also the last qualifying competition (out of five) for European open championship. Žak finished on total fourth place out of 30 dogs in A2/J2 :) good boy :) results here.


 Photo by M.P.

- 31.03.2012 - Agility competition in Ajdovščina - clean agility run, 2nd place and 1st exam for A3 :) in jumping we got 10 points. Finished competition on 1st place! Žak, you are awesome! :)

agility video

Photo by R.B.

- 25.02.2012 - Agility competition in Prestranek, our first competition in new season - jumping video - one bar down, 6th place in this run, 3rd fastest time :) We are working on my handling skills, on speed and some more independency. Some results are already seen, but a lot more are yet to come :)

- 06.02.2012 - Some winter photos - some more here 


- 01.02.2012 - Doing some homework with Žak. I would like him to be little more independant with weaves. Of course still not looking the way I want, but we are slowly getting there...


- 15.10.2011 - Enjoying vacations in the mountains after the end of agility season, controling swan in the lake and daily visits at neigbours cows, having fun on the first snow...

Žak´s version of grass sliding :)

 - 16.09.2011 - Happy 4th birthday to my sweet Žak :) He is growing up into the best dog I could ever imagine. Big thanks to his breeder for leting me have him. A sweet dog got a sweet birthday cake :) 

- 10.09.2011 - Last agility competition for summer season. Žak had 2nd best time in agility run! Overall he finished National championship in level A2/J2 on 7th place. Good job, my hero :)

- 19.-21.08. 2011 - On friday we had agility seminar with french judge David Powell (judging WC this year) and than agility competitions on saturday and sunday. Žak did an awesome job all three days.

Saturday: Got five points in agility (entry on a dog walk) and a clean run in jumping. Finished competition on awesome 2nd place :) He earned a nice medal and dog toys.

Agility -

Jumping -

Sunday: Got five points in agility (one bar down) and were disq in jumping.

Agility -


Photo by Polona Železnikar

- 30.07.2011 - We attended dog frisbee competition in Hungary. Žak made very nice minidistance catches. Very happy about our improvement. There was also a chance to try out flyball. I asumed Žak would like it because he is soo crazy about balls, so we went to try it out. He was already tired because of the whole day frisbee competition. But when it gets to the balls, he is never too tired :)

It turned out this is just another sport for which he is talented. He knew in a moment what he has to do.

One of his first runs:

Since he was doing great, we put box with a ball little higher: 


- 15.07.2011 - Having fun with the big ball. Home learned, improvised treiball.


- 02. - 03.07.2011 - Agility competition on saturday. Difficult course in both runs, we got 5 points in agility run in 15 in jumping run.

On sunday, 3.7., very nice AWI frisbee competition. Žak was awesome in freestyle rounds. We had 2nd best freestyle in first round. Very proud on that :) minidistance is our weak point. We missed qualifications for world championship in the States for 0.8 point :( luck just wasn´t on our side :(

Freestyle -

Nice photos from the competition -

- 25.06.2011 - A very nice agility competition in Zagorje. Žak was awesome in both runs. Not a single bar down, quite fast, nice contacts,... Good boy :) I made two mistakes, so we got 5 points in agility and 5 points in jumping run. He was on 4th place after agility run and finished competition on 8th place.

4th place in agility run -

jumping -


- 18.06.2011 - Agility competition in Selca. 9th place in agility run, 2nd place and a great clean run in jumping. Quite fast jumping run - 5.37m/s.  Total 6th place at the competition. Žak was great :)

agility -

jumping -


- 11.06.2011 - Agility competition in Ljubljana. Just not our day. In agility he was overexcited, he kicked bars a lot, fell down the bridge... In jumping he was much more concentrated, no bars down :) At the end of competition we had 4fun runs in groups.

agility -

jumping -

4fun -


- 30.05.2011 - Today we received a very nice email. Žak became one of the reserve dogs for agility EO 2011. Although we most likely won´t have a chance to go there, I am very proud on my little hero. The priority have dogs in A3, Žak competes in A2. I was quite surprised about it :)

- 21.05.2011 - Agility competition in Slovenska Bistrica.

Nice agility run, no bars down :) 3rd place after this run -

Žak should really kick my ass after jumping run. I totaly screw up everything at the end with my silly mistake... We had a chance to finish in top three and bring home some dog beer.

- 14.05.2011 - Agility competition in Ložnica.




- 07.05.2011 - Agility competition in Duplica. Finished competition on 8th place in A2.



Foto David Oitzl


- 23. & 24.04.2011 -  We had a busy weekend in Ptuj - agility and frisbee competition.



1st round freestyle open:

2nd round freestyle open:

Photo by Iztok Noč


- 17.04.2011 - Training agility and frisbee, preparing for competitions and mostly enjoying nice spring weather.

Football with a baloon :)


- 12.2.2011 - Went to our second agility competition in A2/J2 level. Jumping video -

- 7. november 2010- we attended our second RO competiton. Žak did a great job but I made some silly mistakes on the first exercise and lost 10 points. We ended competition on eight place with 137 points out of 150. Next year we move to level RO2.


Some new pictures in the photo gallery. Big thanks to Polona Železnikar!


- 17. oktober 2010 - we survived ouf first rally obedience competition. Žak passed exam for RO1 succesfully and due to my silly mistake on recall finished competition on eight place.


- 1. oktober 2010 - After two years we attended a conformation show. There was an European dog show not so far from us, so we decided to attend FCI 1 speciality show. Among those fluffy teddy bears Žak received grade very good, as expected :) Nevertheless, we had a really nice time with our friends and Žak enjoyed entertaining females :)


Photo by Veronika Valentin


- 16. september 2010 - Žak praznuje 3. rojstni dan. Vse najboljše! :) Žak celebrates his 3rd birthday. Happy birthday, my little hero! :)



- 14. julij 2010 - Žak je opravil letni pregled oči. Vse ok. Žak had yearly eye check. His eyes are clear.

- 9. julij 2010 - Žak je sodeloval pri animaciji na otroški delavnici. Predstavil je frisbee, pokazal nekaj trikcev in se žogal z otroci. Žak was invited to a workshop with children. He showed some frisbee freestyle, some tricks and played with children.

Photo by Polona Železnikar 

- 26. junij 2010 - agility tekma v Domžalah. Žak je odtekel še zadnji pogoj za A2. Agility competition in Domžale. Žak made his last exam for A2 level. Soooo proud on him :)


- 12. junij 2010 - agility competition in Zagorje. Žak had two clean runs, got his second leg to A2 level and we finished on 1st place :) what a great day!


- 10. junij 2010 - malo frizbi treninga. We started to practice some new frisbee stuff we learned at the last two seminars.


- 5. junij 2010- frizbi seminar v Mariboru s češkimi inštruktorji. Great frisbee seminar in Maribor with Czech players - Veronika Urbaskova, Miša Androva, Pavel Ryttnauer, Tomas Kocian. We learned a bunch of cool new things :)

- 22. maj 2010 - Agility tekma v Slovenski Bistrici. Žak je osvojil 3. mesto :) Agility competition in Slovenska Bistrica. Žak was 3rd :)


- 2. maj 2010 - Alpine River družinsko srečanje v Hrušici ter frizbi seminar z gospo Karen Mulders. Alpine River family meeting in Hrušica and awesome frisbee seminar with Karen Mulders from the Netherlands (Somethin` spicy Australian shepherds)


- 18. april 2010 - agility tekma v Vipavi - video

- 27. marec 2010 - Žak je opravil vzrejni pregled s telesno oceno odlično in vzrejno oceno A. Žak is now a stud dog with breeding permission FCI and estimated excellent A.

- 15. marec 2010 - športen pasji vikend v Puli

- 13. februar 2010 - letošnja zima je pa res super z veliko snega. Nekaj fotk in frizbi filmček z najinim novim freestyle elementom.



- 17. januar 2010 - UFO Winter cup, Hungary. 7.mesto freestyle open, 7. mesto overall.  - video

- 09. januar 2010 - Uživanje na snegu. Fun on the snow. -

- 22. november - "Herding instinct test" -



- 28. september - Povabljena sva bila v osnovno šolo Jevnica. Šolarjem od 1. do 5. razreda sva predstavila frisbee in nekaj trikcev. Lahko so tudi sami poskusili metati frisbee in nekateri so bili kar uspešni. Žak pa jih je po metanju z veseljem pobiral po tleh in jih nosil na kup. Kasneje so vsi uživali, ko so mu lahko metali žogice in ga božali. Žak je bil dober cirkuški in mečkalni pes ter si tako od učencev prislužil super pasjo igračko nad katero je bil navdušen :)

- 26. september - Udeležila sva se 1. državne dogrfisbee tekme z mednarodno udeležbo v Mariboru. Sodila sem execution pri freestyle young dogs in beginners. Zanimiva izkušnja. Z Žakom pa sva tudi prvič tekmovala freestyle v kategoriji open. Dosegla sva lepo 9. mesto.

- 16. september - Happy 2nd birthday, my little hero!

- 29. & 30. avgust - dogfrisbee evropsko prvenstvo, Verden, Nemčija. V freestylu (starters) sva dosegla drugo mesto.

We attended USDDN european dogfrisbee championship in Verden, Germany. We competed in freestyle (starters) and super pro toss & fetch. In freestyle we achieved second place with 105.50 points :)



- 2. avgust - z Žakom, Jean, Lyro in Bamm Bammom smo preživeli čudovite aktivne počitnice v mestu Oberammergau, Nemčija. Hodili smo na dolge sprehode, veliko plavali in trenirali frisbee ter se tako počasi začeli pripravljati na evropsko prvenstvo konec avgusta. Super smo se imeli. Več fotk v albumu.

- 12. julij - posnetek frisbee treninga

- 3. julij - pred kratkim smo se preselili v hišo in Žak že polno uživa :) Nekaj fotk v albumu.

- 5. junij - tečaj frizbija sva uspešno zaključila in dobila lepo priznanje.

- 30.maj - tečaj frizbija, ki ga obiskujeva v Ljubljani se počasi končuje. V kratkem filmčku je predstavljeno naše osvojeno znanje :)

- 30. maj - z Žakom sva se udeležila tekmovanja v klasični poslušnosti. Tekmovala sva po programu b-bh in s 93 točkami dosegla 9. mesto.

Foto: Tina Korinšek

- 16. maj - frizbi predstavitev v Železnikih, hkrati pa je Žak dopolnil 20 mesecev.

Foto: Tomaž Šubic

- 26. april - predstavitev frizbija na Bledu pod okriljem društva Flipsi. Opis dneva na blogu Flipsija.

Foto: Nadja Žlender

- 22. april - obisk OŠ Toneta Okrogarja v Zagorju. Sodelovanje pri predstavitvi društva Šnoflja s prikazom trikcev, poslušnosti in frizbija. Opis dneva na blogu Flipsija.

- 13. april - izlet na Žovneško jezero in prvo letošnje plavanje. Slike.

- 21. marec - frizbi tekma na Madžarskem, Szolnok. Žak se je super izkazal. Nekaj slik se nahaja na Nadjini spletni strani.

- 12. marec - posnetek frizbi treninga za tekmo

- 4. februar - že zjutraj sva se odpravila v hribe poiskat sonce in uživat na snegu. Nekaj fotografij je v spletnem albumu. Drugače sva se počasi začela pripravljati na frisbee tekmo. Delava na kondiciji, malo ponavljam različne mete, včasih sprobava različne kombinacije elementov, za resne priprave je pa še čas :)

- 28. januar - privoščila sva si dolg snežni sprehod in snežno divjanje s prijateljico Tano :)

- 25. januar -  prijavila sem naju na najino prvo čisto pravo frisbee tekmo, ki bo 21.3. na Madžarskem. To bo le začetek najinih letošnjih frisbee načrtov  :-)

 - 18. januar - z Žakom sva šla malo pofirbcat na Ljubljansko razstavo. Žak je po dolgem času srečal sestrico Terro, polbrata Blue-ja in najmlajšo sorodnico Liso. Razstavljalo se je kar nekaj avstralcev, vendar bolj malo po mojem okusu.

- 3. januar - odpravili smo se na lep zimski sprehod okrog Velenjskih jezer. Lepo smo se sprehodili, Žak je malo lovil frisbee-je, nagledali smo se račk. So tudi poti za konje, a žal nismo srečali nobenega. Vsekakor lep sobotni izlet.

- 31. december - s prijateljicami in žakom smo preživeli lep silvesterski večer v naši hiši. Če je dobra družba, je tudi vzdušje super. Zjutraj nas je prijetno presenetil sneg in žak je že zgodaj zjutraj divjal po zasneženem dvorišču. Začetek leta je bil zagotovo lep.

- 29. december - z Nadjo, Ginny in Žakom smo se odpravili na zasneženo Pokljuko. Imeli smo se super, bilo je res lepo vreme, snega je ogromno, ni pretirano veliko drugih pohodnikov, psa pa sta se pošteno nadivjala. Super izlet :)  Nekaj Nadjinih fotk je na njeni spletni strani.

- 29. december - prejela sem žakovo delavno knjižico :)

- 18. december - zadnje dni neprestano dežuje, zato sva malo ponavljala trikce in nastal je kratek video.

- december - na spletni strani KD Pluton je objavljenih nekaj fotografij iz b-bh izpita.

- 30. november - odpravila sva se v Žalec v KD Pluton kjer sva opravljala B-bh izpit. Vreme je bilo obupno - močan dež, grmenje, bliskanje... + sneg na tleh. Ampak smo preživeli :) Pred izpitom smo malo počakali, da ni več tako močno deževalo. Bila sva v prvem paru za izpit B-bh. Najprej sva bila na odlaganju, potem pa so sledile vaje na poligonu. Delal je kar ok, malo mu je popuščala koncentracija, a nama je vseeno uspelo lepo izvesti vaje do konca. Dosegel je odličnih 99 točk od 100 možnih in bil tudi pohvaljen s strani sodnika. Kasneje smo bili povabljeni na odlično malico in topel čaj, ki se je prav prilegel, saj sem bila čisto premočena zaradi dežja. Vzdušje na splošno je bilo super. Žak si je doma prav z veseljem privoščil še kako zasluženo kost :) Zdaj pa do spomladi uživama, se malo učiva agility, potem pa greva novim izzivom nasproti :)

Izpita mi žal ni uspelo dokumentirati zaradi mojih že stalnih problemov s starim fotoaparatom. Tudi nove baterije niso pomagale. Nastala je samo ena fotka poligona kjer se je izvajal del izpita.

-  29. november - ponoči je zapadlo veliko novega snega, zato sva se naslednje jutro odpravila uživat :) Šla sva na dolg sprehod v zasneženo naravo, Žak je lovil žoge, skakal za sneženimi kepami in na sploh užival. Sneg ima zelo rad. Se vidi, da se je skotil v Kranjski Gori :)

 - 15. novembra sva se udeležila Dogfrisbee 4 fun tekme v Ljubljani. Bila je najina prva tekma, Žak se je super izkazal. Tekmovala sva v Minidistance-u (med začetniki) in Time trailu. V minidistancu sva dosegla odlično prvo mesto s 40 točkami. S temi točkami bi dosegel super uvrstitev v kategoriji Open, kjer so tekmovali bolj izkušeni. Bilo je čisto nad mojimi pričakovanji. Pri Time trailu pa sva dosegla prav tako solidno osmo mesto. Žak je vsekakor dokazal, da je frisbee zakon, zato bova v prihodnje še z večjim veseljem trenirala in se mogoče pridružila ostalim na kakšni tekmi v tujini. Nekaj fotografij s tekme je posnela Nadja. Nahajajo se na njeni in Ginny-jini spletni strani.

- oktober 2008 - začela sva bolj resno trenirati agility v Iliriji :)

- 5. oktober 2008 - udeležila sva se frisbee seminarja z Jean, Manco in Majo. Naučila sva se ogromno novih stvari, ki jih že pridno vadiva. Na koncu seminarja smo imeli še manjše tekmovanje, kjer sva bila kar uspešna.


- poletje 2008 - začela sva s frisbee-jem. Na začetku sem kupila dva frisbeeja, da sem videla koliko mu bo sploh všeč. Na koncu se je izkazalo, da je pravi frisbeeholic :) posledično je sledil resen nakup večih frisbeejev, udeležujeva se treningov v Tivoliju, predvsem pa se imava SUPER :)

- 15. julij 2008 - s prijateljico Bernardo smo odšli na izlet na Braslovški jezero, kjer je Žak pvič zaplaval :)

 - julij 2008 - malo se učiva rally obedience.

 - junij 2008 - končal se je nadaljevalni tečaj. Nadaljevali bomo jeseni. Žak je zelo uspešen, novembra bova mogoče opravljala izpit bb-h.

- april 2008 - počasi sva začela trenirati agility. Žak kaže izredno zanimanje in zelo hitro napreduje.

- april 2008 - ker je bil Žak v mali šoli zelo uspešen, sva se po osmih urah tečaja male šole pridružila lanskoletnim tečajnikom, ki so opravljali društveni ipit za nadaljevalni tečaj. Žak je bil med najboljšimi, saj je dosegel vse možne točke (100/100).

 - marec 2008 - začela obiskovati tečaj male šole v KD Trbovlje