Alpine River Little Big Man "Zak"

Australian shepherd


This is just a short translated version of my web site. Here you can find some basic information about my aussie Zak and happenings.

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About Zak

Žak is a very talented and versatile boy with nice caracter and big will to please. He is a born retriever - video of retrieving a ball at seven weeks.

He is very easy to train and enjoys any kind of work (dog sports, helping in the garden and around the house...). He is unproblematic with other animals, very alert, usually reserved with strangers, he is used to travel by car, bus or train.

He is calm in the house. He follows me everywhere I go, likes to be patted and he seems to be the happiest dog on the world when he can lay by my side on the bed or cautch. But on the other hand when we are outside, he gets sparkles in his eyes and it is a party time. He is usually more in the air than on the ground. Anytime ready for the action. He has everything under control and always keeps his eyes on me.

He finished two dog schools - puppy class and "basic" dog school. He worked very well in school and learned very quickly. At the end of puppy classes, we had an unofficial test where we had to show walking on leash beside the leg, walking without the leash, laying on the ground and waiting, there was some food on the floor and they have to ignore it... we passed this test excellent and earned 100 points out of 100 :) He was around six months old then. After a few weeks, we started to visit "basic" dog school. He was doing great! At 12 months we could go on A exam, but we skipped it and wait until his 14 months, when he was old enough to go on B-bh exam. This is an official exam for companion dog and has three parts (teoretical part, dog work and behaving in the city).  We passed the exam with great 99 points out of 100 :)

Now we are training dogfrisbee and agility. We were already on a few dogfrisbee competitions and achieved nice results for beginners. In the future we will attend a lot more. I believe he is capable to achieve very good results in the future. At agility treinings he is doing very good. He is very fast and high motivated, always barking.. :) I think we will be soon prepared to attend agility competitions. At home we are also training some obedience. We attended a regional obedience competition and achieved 9th place with 93 points (out of 100). This result is ok, esspecially because we were not prepared enought and he was the youngest dog.

Foto: Tina Korinšek

Žak is very versatile aussie and very succesful in everything we started training. He is showing a big talent for dogfrisbee and agility. And these are the sports to whom we will pay attention in the future.

Beside his good athletic skills, he is also a very handsome aussie. We attended three conformation shows and got nice descriptions, but I lost my interest in them. There is just too crowded and messy. We will perhaps attend some more, maybe once or twice a year. My wish is to attend some special aussie shows in the neighbour countries, just to get some realistic descriptions.

As a puppy Žak showed a lot of herding instinct. He was herding his playmates. He calmed down now, although he sometimes still does that. In our country just started to develope some organised herding trainings and maybe we will try it some day. I am very curious how would he respond.

I am planing to do some health tests and if everything will be in order, he will be available as a stud dog. Now, he is still a young dog, currently at age of 20 months, and we have many active years ahead. And more than enough time to show off his talent and abilities on the competitions.

Žak is most of all our full family member, my great companion, a dog I was always dreaming about, talented happy aussie. I am very proud to have a chance to share my life with him.

A little more about frisbee

As a puppy he had a rubber puppy frisbee. I must admitt he was not pretty enthusiastic about it. We played tug wars with it, I threw him some rollers... Than I stopped trying to show him that frisbee is fun. One summer day I decided to buy him a real plastic dogfrisbee. Just to see if he would like that kind of frisbee. He gone crazy when we played with it for the first time. And he is still one crazy frisbee dog :) After a while, we went to some frisbee trainings in Ljubljana, we were on frisbee seminar, I bought a lot of dogfrisbees and went to our first dogrfisbee competiton. All this from summer to autumn, in about three months.

Our first frisbee competiton was dogfrisbee 4 fun in Ljubljana, Tivoli. It was not an official competition because this sport has just started to develope in our country. We were competing in minidistance in beginners group. Žak was doing great and we finished on great first place! He is very talented, has very beautiful jumps and is full of energy.

In spring 2009 we went to a competition in Hungary, Szolnok. It was our first real competition with teams from at least four different countries. We achieved 6t place in minidistance and 13th place in freestyle. Nice results for the first time :)

In spring 2009 we attended dogfrisbee trainings in Ljubljana. We finished it succesfully :) A video from our trainings.

In summer 2009 we are planing to go on a five-day frisbee seminar in Germany and in late summer maybe on european dogfrisbee competition, also in Germany.

We are proud members of slovenian dogfrisbee club Fipsi.

Some our videos on youtube

- first time swimming.

- our frisbee beginnings. Before attending any frisbee trainings.

- playing with a ball and herding dogs :)

- obedience at nine months.

- some tricks at rainy day.

- short report from USDDN european championship in dogfrisbee in Verden, Germany. Video here.